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חיבוק ירושלים   Jerusalem Hug   عناق القدس 

 8th Jerusalem Hug: Monday, June 23th 2014       

                                       On Monday June 23th 2014 many hundreds of people will embrace the Old City of Jerusalem.  Israelis and Palestinians as well as peace activists from all over the world will walk hand in hand around the city walls. They will stand shoulder to shoulder, sharing their wish for peace and their love for Jerusalem. The Old City as a whole is a sanctuary. It should remain a freely accessible area within an undivided Jerusalem, a city for Palestinians and Israelis and a center for the entire world.  

The aim of the “Jerusalem Hug” is to promote a peaceful experience, a life of freedom and joy to all people. The “Jerusalem Hug” focuses on love, respect and unity between all people. With this attitude the participants will spread out around the walls of the Old City, holding hands, singing and praying for peace and respect for all humankind.  

Worldwide hope to reach a political solution for the Middle East conflict has been lost. The “Jerusalem Hug” symbolizes a different way to achieve peace. We need to head in a new way: the way of the heart. We believe that when we find peace in ourselves and when we are able to forgive, world peace will come closer. Change begins at the basis.

If the inhabitants of Jerusalem open their hearts to one another and consider their fellow residents as equals, they will not deem the disparities between them desirable anymore.  And if there is the intention to live together in an undivided Jerusalem, it will also be possible to make it happen throughout the Holy Land! Palestinians and Israelis: two peoples, two nations, living side by side in one country without borders as a federation with Jerusalem as its capital. 

The “Jerusalem Hug” gives expression to this wish for change as a concrete statement. Jerusalem stands as a symbol for peace and forgiveness. Let Jerusalem be a city of connection, the heart of the world, where unity and peace will be a fact.       

The “Jerusalem Hug” took place in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 2012 and 2013. The events were joined by more than 5000 participants: residents of Jerusalem, Palestinians and Israelis, as well as peace activists from all over the world.                                    

                                                                                            Rabbi Dr. Yakov Nagen and Sheik Ibrahim Abu-el Hawa

                                                                                                               Jerusalem Hug June 24th 2013