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Jerusalem Hug 2015: Thursday, May 28th

We will meet on May 28th, at 15:00.

The meeting point is the Mish'ol HaPninim Garden (Lawn between Damascus Gate and New Gate),

Old City, Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Hug begins with an open space gathering on the lawn between New Gate and Damascus Gate. We will welcome people, hold sharing and listening circles and mini workshops and we will make music together. There will be activities for children.

The Hug: Spreading hand in hand along the city wall, touching the bricks of the wall, with ceremonies, prayers and music,  sending our love and blessings to the beloved City.

Walking  along the city walls towards Tzahal Square for a drumming circle and music.

Closing circle.

Please take food and drinks with you to share!



Light rail train to City Hall


Karta (Mamila Alrov Mall)

  contact persons

Dvora Pearlman         05-26523355

Ibrahim Abu El Hawa    05-47768777

Robert Schrama         05-24631067

Eliyahu McLean         05-87578522

Eyal Davidoff             05-22925104

Vitali Markov            05-86566767

 Yair Bartal              05-2895883

 In the morning, from 9:00 -11:00,  before the Jerusalem Hug will start, Dvora Pearlman invites visitors to go up the Temple Mount, to ground the energies for the 9th Jerusalem Hug.