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There will only grow peace between the people of Palestine and Israel, if Jerusalem will be an open and free accessible area for Israelis as well for Palestinians. A free accessibility to Jerusalem can only become realized when the mutual fear and suspicion between Palestinians and Israelis has been transformed into faith, hope and reconciliation. Unusual and unexpected methods might help to make that happen.

The Jerichon is a long distance run from Jericho to Jerusalem. The run is not meant purely for professional runners but also a walk for those not so well trained individuals who can cover the distance of 35 km at their own rate and time. Therefore the Jerichon might be seen as a kind of pilgrimage to the Holy City.

The Jerichon will be a steady climb: from 400 meters under sea level in Jericho to 1200 meters above sea level at the finish in the old city of Jerusalem. The Jerichon takes the participants through one of the world’s most beautiful nature reserves, Wadi Qelt, a colorful gorge and canyon, surrounded by rocks reminiscent of desert with the remains of an aqueduct from Herodes’ times.


The Jerichon will surely be a challenge for long distance runners. The course is heavy; it will be a journey of suffering and hardship, for everybody who is making this exceptional trip. That is why the Jerichon is suited for all those who wish to take the suffering of his people upon their shoulders, thus embodying in a symbolical way the idea of lightening these burdens in Jerusalem. A journey to redemption.

Representatives of all the peoples on earth who groan under their burdens caused by poverty, repression and war, can view the Jerichon as a challenge. Long distance runners from all over the world and representatives from areas of conflict are invited to partake of the Jerichon.

By participating of the Jerichon they will focus attention on the problems of their people. They will be supported by a colorful procession of artists who perform during the journey and before departure in Jericho to lightens the load of the runner and make the journey into a special experience.

The Jerichon will be a journey of reconciliation and forgiveness; of the letting go of suffering and taking hold of understanding. Jericho, the city of the Moon and Jerusalem, the city of the Sun, are bounded up with each other. It would be great if the finish could be situated on top of the Temple Mount, the ultimate location to obtain salvation for all the people and for the city of Jerusalem.

Let us create a City of Peace for all of us, in a Holy Land for the people of Palestine and for the people of Israel. With a future and hope for our children; an example for the whole world. When peace in Jerusalem will be realized, then we will be able to engineer peace in the entire world.

It is not clear yet when the first Jerichon will be organized.