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Pyramid of Light

The Pyramid of Light is a contemporary demonstration for peace, which can be realized above the Old City of Jerusalem. This is the intention of the Dutch artist Rob Schrama. From the angular points around the city wall of Jerusalem, four powerful laser beams will shoot their fluorescent green rays into the universe. They will cross each other at a height of more than 800 meters above the old city.

                 Pyramid of Light above the Old City of Jerusalem

From far and wide the rays can be seen and will attract the observers towards it. Three of the Pyramid of Light’s laser beams represent the world religions that consider Jerusalem their holy capital; the fourth beam stands for all of the other religions in the world that regard Jerusalem as a holy spot on earth. The beams of light will connect Earth with Heaven, mortality with eternity, humanity with God.

The laser beams form a pyramid, creating a sacred place to gather underneath. Exactly below the top of this light sculpture, at the crossing of the Christian, Jewish,  Muslim, and Armenian districts, the Rooftop Promenade is located. These rooftops will be accessible during the whole night for everyone who wants to share his love and understanding for humankind with others.

The inhabitants of the Old City will be asked to open the rooftop of their houses to invite visitors for a prayer together and a cup of tea under the beams of the Pyramid of Light.

The biggest Laser factory in the world, Coherent, is interested to produce and sponsor a very powerful laser set of 4 lasers for the Pyramid of Light in Jerusalem. Rob Schrama negotiated many years intensively about the realization, but until now the municipality of Jerusalem does not alow to set up the Pyramid of Light.

We would like to see the Pyramid of Light as a permanent feature above the Old City of Jerusalem, as a never ending symbol for Jerusalem as a City of Peace.

Amsterdam 2006                                                              Rotterdam                                                             Santa Barbara                                                             New York

Every mayor of a specific city in the world could adopt a Pyramid of Light for his community. The light sculpture will be the ultimate spot to bring representatives of religions and cultures of the city together, to release and preserve positive energy. Underneath the laser beams every person will be able to take the initiative for peace himself, by opening his heart to his fellow men and by celebrating their oneness. In this way a medium will be created for everyone who wants that Peace Prevails on Earth.

When the inhabitants in these cities demonstrate that they live in peace witheach other, then it will surely affect the community in Jerusalem to live in harmony with each other too. In this way Jerusalem can develop itself into a City of Peace because of the examples other cities are giving.

We would like to establish Pyramids of Lights in as many cities in the world as possible. Please contact us when you want to organize a Pyramid of Light in your own city.


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