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    Why Jerusalem?

The Jerusalem Hug Foundation considers the city of Jerusalem the most important location to develop a peace process between Palestinians and Israelis. It is a unique place in the Middle East, where Israelis and Palestinians live and work together closely.

What connects the Palestinians with the Israelis in Jerusalem is their common love for the Old City, being a sanctuary for both Jews and Muslims. With the Jerusalem Hug we create an experience of peace, giving a taste of what it means to live together in love, unity and harmony.

When the inhabitants of Jerusalem open their hearts to one another and consider their fellow residents as equals, they will not deem the disparities between them desirable anymore.  And when there is the intention to live together in an undivided Jerusalem, it will also be possible to make it happen throughout the Holy Land!

The Jerusalem Hug gives expression to this wish for peace as a concrete statement. Jerusalem stands as a symbol for peace and forgiveness in the world.

Let Jerusalem be a city of connection, the heart of the world, where unity and peace will become a fact.